The Holfuy weather station notification lamp

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Green is good, red is bad.

Don't sit and refresh that website all the time. The WindLight is doing it for you. Just set the Holfuy weather station(s) you want to monitor in the built in web interface, and the lamp will shift from red to green automatically when the wind is the way you want it to be.

How it works

Installation document here

Simple to use web interface

Everything you need is included in the light bulb. The lamp is running it's own web server and the WindLight software. You just hook it up to your home network in a few minutes and off you go. No cables, no computer, nothing. The lamp will even upgrade itself when new versions of the software is released. All Holfuy weather stations are supported. You need the stations API password provided by the owner of the weather station. If you are a owner but don't have a password, just contact Holfuy and they will give you one.

Ready to Ship

50 EUR + shipping

Up to Date

New functionality via firmware upgrades

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WindLight is made possible by Sebastian Andersson and David Bengtsson